Double Decker Bed
Heavy Duty Double Decker
Full Height Steel Wardrobe
Steel Locker

We are a hostel furniture supplier in Malaysia. Our products are suitable for hostels, budget hotels, colleges, universities, training dorms, and student hostels. Our metal beds are manufactured by a fantastic Malaysian metal furniture manufacturer with over 30 years of market experience.Our products undergo proper inspection and follow every safety guideline to ensure that our customers have no worries.

We have products that are made of 32 mm and 50 mm mix steel pipe, complete with epoxy finish, and they were packed in knockdown systems. It is easy to install yet sturdy enough to support all types of body sizes. The product’s most important feature is its ability to save space.It is enough for two people in one space. It comes with a netting bottom, while extra back support is an optional additional side feature to support it when it is bent from heavy weight. When matched with a single foam mattress and pillow, it will offer you a comfortable sleep every night. Our main product is a double-decker bed frame that comes with a 12 mm plywood base.

We also supply other hostel furniture and accessories like a tower single metal bed, a metal cloth hanger, a pillow, a blanket, a bedsheet, a steel wardrobe, and a steel locker.

Sedang cari pembekal perabot asrama di Malaysia?


(i) Katil bersaiz tidak kurang daripada 1.7 meter persegi (katil single atau katil double decker); (e.g. Hostel Single Bed , Hostel Double Decker Bed)

(ii) Tilam yang tebalnya tidak kurang daripada 4 inci; (e.g. Hostel Foam Mattress, tilam asrama )

(iii) Bantal dan selimut; dan (e.g. Bantal Asrama, Blanket Hostel)

(iv) Almari berkunci (0.35 meter panjang x 0.35 meter lebar x 0.9 meter tinggi). (E.g. Hostel Locker)

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