also supply architecture drafting table to engineering school, college and university in Malaysia. We provide A1 & A0 size drafting table which is suitable for all level of students and professional. Our drafting table come with height adjustable stand and board angle adjustable lock. You may adjust to your desired height and board angle. Drafting stool is another collection in our chair series catalogue.

A drafting table is a specialized piece of furniture designed for professionals who need a flat, stable surface for drawing and sketching. Architects, engineers, artists, and others will find a drafting table to be a valuable addition to their workspace. These tables typically feature an adjustable work surface that can be tilted to various angles, a parallel straightedge or T-square for precise lines, and storage for tools and materials. Some drafting tables also have adjustable lighting to help users see their work clearly. Whether you’re a professional or amateur artist, a drafting table provides a dedicated space for your creative projects.

We also supply education furniture like student table, exam table, and student chair to private school and government college.

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