Hostel Bunk Bed
Single Metal Bed
Rebond Foam Mattress
Hostel Steel Locker

MyFurniture88 is a hostel bunk bed furniture supplier in the region with over 5 years experience in Selangor. Our regular customer are both exist in government and private sector. We provide quality hostel furniture that cater all kinds of budget. Our bunk bed are suitable to use in worker hostel, student dormitory, budget hotel usage, house rental, home stay and other occasions.

Beside double decker bunk bed, we also supplier single metal bed come with plywood with heavy duty 50mm hollow tube. If you have budget constrain, we also supply cheaper types of single bed that suitable for medium duty usage. In general, buyers always look for “katil besi” in Bahasa Malaysia when that want to search for keyword term in Google Malaysia.

We also supply rebond foam mattress which is popular in hostel & sekolah asrama usage. We almost supply over 100 units every month to various hostel project. Our mattress is affordable and comfortable in both budget and usage wise. “Tilam asrama” is the common name for our foam mattress.

The hostel locker steel cabinet is another common product when it come to hostel series furniture in Malaysia. We supply different kinds of hostel wardrobe from 1 compartment to multiple compartments steel locker. Special custom size steel locker can be accept if it meet the production minimum order quantity.

We may cover the whole Peninsular Malaysia areas, transport can be arrange if outstation with full loading capacity. Kindly contact our sales representative +60177752567 for more details and request for FREE Quotation.

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