12 December 2016
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12 December 2016,

Before set up an actual office, it is time to think about the furniture that you need to keep your business running as smooth as possible.

What are those basic office furniture you need? take a look at the following to get some ideas:

1. Office Table

Whether you are a manager level or general clerk in the office, the most basic furniture that you need is a proper office table. 5 feet office table should be enough for most personal who work with either a laptop or a desktop.

2. Office Chair

The second must have furniture is a office chair. Typically a medium back office chair would be suite to anyone in the office. High back chair normally is suitable for management level.

3. Side Cabinet

When talking about furnish your office, you will need a storage cabinet  to help you work more efficiently. The side cabinet normally place close to the table for private filing and personal legal documents storage.

4. Filing Cabinet

Whether you are a big organization or small enterprise, staying organized is essential. Public file or documents must be place in a proper storage cabinet. Filing cabinet such as pigeon hole will be the best choice to fulfilling your work space.

5. Whiteboard & Stationary

Hanging a whiteboard on your office wall to record all the orders, appointments, and sales record will always be the most important furniture even if you can record it on your smart phone. It is actually work as a back-up in case your smart phone went wrong.

It doesn’t matter if you have all the office furniture listed above, as long as your business can be operate without any hassle. The above recommendation is to help you work more effectively and make you feel more professional.

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